Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wake up the Water Plants
Its April 1, which means - time to wake up the water plants that have been in cold, icy water all winter. The greenhouse gets to +20 in the daytime, just through natural solar heating, but the evenings will still drop to -10 to -15. Time to turn on the night time heat! The ponds are all thawed in the greenhouse, and with the thawing comes plant growth.  I decided today to set up a micro Biofalls in one of the heated ponds to filter the water and help clean up the sludge that has accumulated in the pond over the winter.
Check list:
1. Check submersible pump - does the impeller turn easily? Check!
2. Make sure the pump is connected to the biofall? Check!
3. Place pump in pond, as far away from the biofall as possible. Check!
4. Place filters in the biofall and place it at the edge of the pond. Check!
5. Plug in the pump and wait for water to fill the biofall and spill back in pond. Check!

But wait ... there is water spilling out of the bottom of the biofall through the loose bulkhead fitting at the back of the biofall - not good!

Reverse step 5 and 4, empty the biofall, and try hand-tightening the nut on the bulkhead fitting.
Hands aren't strong enough - look for humungeous pipe wrench and carefully tighten the nut.
Repeat steps 4 & 5.
Looks good ... but... there is still a small trickle of water coming out of the bulkhead fitting.

Get a sheet of plastic, put it under the biofall, curl the backend to channel the water back into the pond, and wait until someone with stronger hands shows up!

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