Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hyacinths Spawn Goldfish

I have always recognized that hyacinths are very beneficial in a water garden, but transplanting goldfish eggs was not on my list of benefits for this little plant. Each fall, I am amazed at the number of little goldfish that I am finding in my growing tanks and ponds that have never had goldfish in them. I have also had customers return little goldfish to me that they find in their ponds at seasons end, and haven't the heart to allow them to freeze into a 'fishsicle'.

Where did these little goldfish come from? It all links back to the roots of the hyacinths. I have hyacinths around in my goldfish and koi pond, and I switch them into different ponds to allow their roots to rejuvenate. Apparently these roots have unhatched goldfish eggs on them, and when they go into a pond that has no fish in it, the eggs hatch and the little fish survive.

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