Monday, November 8, 2010

Texas White List is Expanding

The Texas White List is a list of aquatic plants that are permitted to be grown in Texas. This impacts exports to other States and into Canda. The list started off with very few aquatic plants being permitted, among them, most varieties of Nymphaea. The concern has also been that if ine state is successful in restricting the growing of these aquatic plants, more states would follow suit.

Rolf Nelson, president of IWGS has just shared the news that ALL Nymphaea species have been put on the Approved List (white list) in Texas. This means that growers in Texas can grow, sell,and possess any and all Nymphaea species and their hybrids.

However, the Ineligible Species List still contains many aquatic plants we all enjoy having in our water gardens, such as Colocasia esculenta, Hydrocleys nymphoides, Juncus inflexus, Ludwigia sedioides, Mentha aquatica, Typha laxmannii and Typha minima.

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